Painting the entire body, or even just a portion of it, allows the opportunity to really let our creative side go

There is no limit to what can be, swimwear, lingerie, landscapes, scenes, LOGOS, and pretty
much whatever you can imagine.

I am available to body paint for several projects including:
Private, Corporate or Celebrity Parties, Magazines, Fliers,  Video or Photo Shoots, Advertisements,
Trade Shows, Fashion Shows, Art Shows, Commercials, Clubs and much more...

Models are always wanted.
If you have an idea or are interested in posing, feel free to
contact us.

You must be at least 18 years old.

Please refer to Body Painting Guidelines below for more information.
body painting guidelines

Persons under 18 yrs of age may not be body painted.  Identification may be required for any assignment.  
There is no exception to this guideline.

Most paint and products used will remove easily with soap and water.  Some may require the use of alcohol
 or makeup remover.  We will provide you with details for care of your painting.

Undergarments, and any other items worn while being painted, will be stained.  

Undergarments worn should be as close to your "NUDE" color as possible, unless otherwise specified.

Pasties for breasts will be provided, if required for the design.

Please make sure you have waxed or shaved any areas to be painted PRIOR to the assignment date.

Exfoliating the skin helps the paint to apply smoothly.

Some embellishments may require the use of liquid latex.  Please advise the artist of any cosmetic allergies
that you may have.  Be advised that products used will be of cosmetic or medical quality.

Most designs take at least 2 hours from start to finish.  Many can take SEVERAL HOURS to create.  You will
be standing, or be in odd positions, for many minutes at a time.  It could be cold, it could be hot.  We will
do everything within our power to create a totally comfortable environment.  We ask that you please inform
us immediately of any discomfort you may experience.  We can take breaks whenever you wish.  It's all
about making you, our client, COMFORTABLE and HAPPY.

You may have a friend, or relative, present during your assignment.  Please do not bring children to a body
painting assignment, unless prior arrangements have been made.

We may bring a significant other with us on assignment.  
This is for our safety and protection.  We appreciate your understanding.

Please ask any questions prior to your assignment date.
(559) 392-3988or (559) 916-5104
Laurie Phelps
Painted on a man's
back and back of his
bald head...;)
Painted on a man's back
My first ever body painting...
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